The AGS Ketchikan plant is located in the city of Ketchikan on Revillagigedo Island in the Southeast region of Alaska. The only way to get to Ketchikan is by water or by air. The Alaska State Ferry departs from Bellingham, WA and Prince Rupert, BC. Reservations can be made with the Alaska Marine Highway at 1-800-642-0066 or by visiting their web site. Alaska Airlines reservations can be made by calling 1-800-225-1000 or by visiting their web site.
The Southeast Alaskan salmon season runs from approximately June 25 to September 7. The number of days you will be working depends upon the season's catch and can vary from year to year. There are no guaranteed minimum hours. The number of hours worked depends upon the strength of the salmon run. For most people, the typical workday begins at 8:00am and ends at 11:30pm and the typical workweek is 7 days long. Also, most of the jobs require that you be on your feet, so be prepared for a physically demanding schedule. Any protective gear that is necessary for your job will be provided for you.
AGS provides bunkhouse space for employees working at the Ketchikan plant for a nominal fee. The bunkhouses are modern facilities with shared bathrooms and laundry facilities. You must be 18 years or older to reside in the bunkhouses. Meals are served in the AGS messhall, with snacks served during break periods.
By law, you must furnish documents within three days of being hired that prove your identity and show that you can legally work in the United States.